Character Model for Unannounced project

  • Sculpted in Mudbox and Maya

  • old Photos and reference

Facial Modeling FACs and Blendshapes Demo Reel  - wwe 2k16

Character Modeling

Tristan Thompson - NBA2K17

  • Retopology of scan in Maya

  • Sculpt cleanup in Mudbox

  • Textures cleaned up in Photoshop

  • PBR Textures and Normal Maps created in Mudbox 

  • Retopology of Scan Mesh in Maya

  • Sculpting done in Mudbox

  • Textures, PBR, Displacement/Normals created in Photoshop and Mudbox

Morton salt - "be smarter than winter" ad campaign

  • Created in Maya

  • concept art as reference

  • Penguin Family

  • Husky Dog

  • Yeti

WWE 2K16 Crowd Photogrammetry scan cleanup

Sculpting using Reference only - no scans

Photogrammetry scans

  • Retopology in Maya

  • Sculpt cleanup in mudbox

  • Hair and pore maps created in Photoshop and Mudbox